Technical specifications

The Australian Schools List is a SIF 3.4.6 compliant service delivering XML data that conforms to the Australian SIF Data Model (AU) 3.4.6

Notes: ASL adheres strictly to the SIF 3.4.6 infrastructure protocol and as such there is no backwards compatibility with previous 2.X infrastructure versions. XML data payloads conform strictly to the SIF Data Model (AU) 3.4.6 specification. ASL does not officially support backwards compatibility for either aspect.

New to SIF?

If the SIF acronym itself means nothing to you, it is yet another acronym in a sea of abbreviations, or you don't understand 'Client' or 'Consumer' concepts, no need to worry help is available. Using SIF to gain access to the ASL may or may not be the right solution for you. The following links may be useful in providing further information, seeking assistance or setting up an open-source SIF consumer.

If you want to register as a new ASL consumer please go to the Registration page.