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Why register?

If your organisation has a SIF 3.2.1 consumer, a piece of software that operates in a traditional 'Client' sense that is capable of sending a data request to a 'Server' or 'Service' and 'Consuming' or using the data in the response, and a requirement or desire to request and consume SIF AU 3.4.6 School Info data specific to any or all schools that the Australian Schools List (ASL) can provide, then you may want to register.

Once you have registered we allocate and configure the registration details and send an email reply with certain security settings (Solution ID & Application Key) that will then be configured within your SIF 3.2.1 Consumer, like setting a login & password, so that your SIF 3.2.1 Consumer can send requests for SIF AU 3.4.6 School Info data objects from our SIF 3.2.1 Provider.

Registration is not mandatory for accessing ASL data

It is not mandatory to register to gain access to the Australian Schools List (ASL) data. This website allows users to search the ASL for a relevant list of Australian schools using our advanced search filters and the information returned is the same that we would provide through the registered service access. We also provide the functionality for users to download the search results in various file formats - MS Excel, XML and JSON data files depending on your internal data requirements.

Key set up requirements for accessing the service

  • Registration request approval through filling and submitting the form
  • Solution ID and Application Key used for the registration request
  • Organisational access to a compliant SIF 3.2.1 Consumer application or service capable of validating and consuming a SIF (AU) 3.4.6 Data Model XML feed
  • Configuration of SIF 3.2.1 Consumer with service endpoint details and relevant Solution ID and Application Key as per request
For more detailed information, please refer to our ASL Integration Document - Basic Authorisation

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